Bio · Marta Botana

1980, Madrid

As artist researcher I investigate the states of the body in multiple physical and conceptual landscapes. My approach focuses on perception, permeability of the limits, memory of the body and poetics of the image. I address these concepts from the perspective of dance practices in resonance with territories such as architecture, photography, philosophy and lately, cinema.

Trained in contemporary dance at the RCPD in Madrid and earning a PhD from the UPM with the thesis “Analysis of space in theatrical dance”, I maintain a permanent practice in different languages ​​of movement, approaching lately the creative universes of Jurij Konjar, Mónica Valenciano, María Muñoz and recently – this journey has just begun – Jonathan Martineau. The knowledge of these practical authors is integrated in the body-archive with academic research, encouraging the constant round trip of performative research.


I am currently collaborating as mentor in the entrepreneurship program at the Reina Sofía Superior School of Music and I give conferences and workshops in different institutions such as the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Madrid, Espacio Fundación Telefónica or the New York University-Madrid.


I share the results of ongoing research at conferences such as the one held at the School of Performing Arts in Malta in the spring of 2018 and festivals such as the Stokholm Dancefilm Festival, the International Festival of Experimental Film Enneagram, Argentina or the Videoskin International Filmfestival, Canada.